Homegrown sunshine now has a new address.  My former blog with Blogger will remain, but I will no longer post on it.  So, welcome to my new home.  What better day than the first day of spring to start fresh with a new blog.  I met the limit of photos allowed with Blogger with my last blog.  I am enjoying this WordPress blog and how user friendly it is.

I enjoy blogging.  It is a fun release for me.  With all that takes place within my days, it is fun to sit down and reflect.  I like writing and expressing myself.  My posts tend to be lighthearted and family oriented.  Sometimes I choose to write in detail about my journey as a mom.  This may involve both joy and disappointment.  I enjoy photography and try to integrate our photos within my posts.  Politics, recipes, and book recommendations may be thrown in from time to time.  I don’t ever want to give the impression that our life is perfect, not messy or without our share of challenges.  I’m not a blogger that is out to convey that I have it all together.  However, it is my blog and I hope to share more shining moments than depressing ones.

Bear with me as I tinker with this new site.  I’d love for you to continue journeying with me (us).


2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. that’s funny, b/c when i read that, i was thinking, “isn’t blogger user-friendly? it seems so easy to use.” but then again, i just don’t want to leave blogger b/c i have so much invested (with no less than four blogs) in it at this point.

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