Compost from Carefree Ranch

It is not a chore for our family to ride out to a horse ranch in the country to pick up compost.  Driving on a gorgeous springlike day to retrieve garden gold and visit horses, you don’t have to twist our arm for this kind of thing.  Our friend, Robbie, at Carefree Ranch welcomed us again to come shovel up some compost for our garden.  Last year we visited this dreamy ranch out in Chapel Hill.  It is so refreshing just being there.

Last year, Scott and Julian shoveled up some horse manure for our garden.  This year, Robbie took us to some compost that had been sitting for sometime.  The great thing about true compost like this is that it doesn’t stink that bad.  Last year, now that was different.  Let’s just say that Scott rode home with all possible windows down.

We filled as many containers as we possibly could and headed over to where the horses were.  These beauties were so gentle and sweet.  We were able to touch them and get super close to each of them.  The kids loved it, as did Scott and I.

When we got the compost home, we shoveled it out into our garden beds that had just been tilled the day before by Scott.  We were so thrilled with the compost, Brayden and I went out the next morning and got more!

We love this little dog.  His name is Waco (yes, he is from Texas).  He is a Miniature Australian Shepherd.  We would love to have this kind of dog.  We have been looking online and such just to learn about them.  They aren’t cheap, but appear to be great dogs.

For Christmas, my Dad and Sally gave me these boots from Tractor Supply.  I told them I thought I would enjoy them for gardening.  Sally and Dad, you don’t know how much I LOVE these boots, especially when you are shoveling up horse manure/compost.


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