Animal Faces

Paint Savvy is responsible for the adorable art on our kids faces below.  It is a company that was offering face painting to promote the Animal Protection Society of Durham.  We went to our local library on Saturday for their annual Friends of the Library Book Sale and the APS had a table with information, photos and such on it.  Our family was totally into reading all about the animals that were featured on a board there that day.  I don’t know about the boys, but Madelyn and I left with a sincere yearning for a dog or cat that day.

We had a fun family Saturday and Sunday.  You can’t beat this sunshine and warmth.  I love spring!

Kalen the tiger

Brayden the cheetah

Julian with snake

Madelyn with butterfly


2 thoughts on “Animal Faces

  1. Melanie says:

    Hey Anna!
    Wow…those face paintings are great! Thanks for your sweet post on my blog. Jeff did tell me he was treating Scott’s mom. Isn’t it funny how paths cross after so many years? I hope she’s able to get some relief from her pain.
    I love looking at your blog and seeing all the things you do with your kids. I’ve been reading a lot of Charlotte Mason, and you remind me of many of her teachings!
    We are going to plant a sunflower playhouse for our kids this weekend. It’s pretty easy, and really cool! If you google “sunflower playhouse”, you can find directions if you are interested.
    Again, so good to hear from you!

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