Food, Inc.

Scott and I watched this documentary, Food, Inc., last night. This informative piece is worthy of viewing. Don’t curl up with it while attempting to eat or be romantic. Just watch it sometime. I highly recommend this film.
If you have already viewed this, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

3 thoughts on “Food, Inc.

  1. Kim Freeman says:

    Mitch has watched it and wants me to. I guess I will, I’ve heard it will make me want to stop eating chicken so I’m a little hesitant. We are making slow changes to our eating habits, I think I’m afraid this will make me want to change everything overnight and I don’t do well with that kind of change. Anyway, thanks for the reminder.

  2. Anna says:

    Thanks, Kim. There is a certain openness that is needed when watching this.
    I understand your thinking and heart. Change can be hard. I don’t frown on your hesitation. We are vegan and we had this film for weeks before we were in the “right mood” to view it.
    🙂 Thanks for responding.

  3. Matthew and I have watched this and it just renewed me in my attempts at eating better for my family and planet at a time when I was just burned out due to so much going on. Everyone should watch this.

    I grew up being fed on my grandfathers huge garden. Veggies were the meal and cornbread rounded it out. Every now and then we had meat, but not often. My parent’s however thought of meat as something that needed to be eaten at all meals and snacks.

    I don’t have a problem with meat eating, but I feel it has become center stage when it was something special and used in colder months when food stores were low.

    By the way, I have the healthiest Gparents in the world! 🙂 I am craving those tomatoes now!

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