A Weekend Away

Last Thursday, we traveled to Kentucky to see my Dad and Sally.  The drive was absolutely gorgeous. We stopped in Asheville, NC, to visit one of our favorite vegetarian restaurants, The Laughing Seed.  It was a long haul getting to Kentucky, but it was worth it.

Dad and Sally greeted us with open arms and homemade vegan spaghetti as we arrived.  Their Kentucky home is breathtaking, warm and inviting.  They had great plans for us for the weekend.   We were to travel to Nashville, Tennessee, on Friday to visit a science museum.  We would visit some restaurants and head back home.  Saturday we were to see How To Train Your Dragon in 3D.

We had a great time while successfully doing all that was planned and even more.  Nashville was hopping that spring day.  The museum was awesome.  If you are ever in Nashville and need a place to hang out with your kids, the museum is called Adventure Science Center.  We spent hours and hours there.  We helped close the place down and then went to Nashville’s own Mellow Mushroom.

Saturday didn’t leave us disappointed.  The highlight was going to see the movie with Dad and Sally.  How To Train Your Dragon is such a fabulous movie. We had not seen a 3D movie before in the theatre. This movie may go down as one of my all time favorites.  Of course, the context of when we saw it made the film especially delightful.  

We journeyed back home Sunday. We were so thankful to have had the chance to spend time with Dad and Sally. We were also really thankful to spill out of our van Sunday night and enter our own home.

Scott popped the lens out of the 3D glasses for Brady.  He likes wearing them.  🙂


One thought on “A Weekend Away

  1. We loved that movie too! That was Skylar’s first movie, although we didn’t see it in 3D, haha, I doubt Skylar would have kept his glasses own. 🙂 You look great Anna. Still pretty as ever!

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