Garden Delight

I took some photos a couple days ago as the kids and I were out in the backyard gardening.  Our plants have grown quite a bit in the last week or so.  At one point, I thought the seedlings wouldn’t amount to much.  Now, our garden is green and growing.

Maddie by our most recent garden addition.  We have onions, sugar snap peas, snow peas, tomatoes, chard, basil, cilantro and romaine lettuce planted here in this space pictured.


Kale with lettuce

Newly planted tomato plants

Turnips, tomato plants and lettuce varieties


Romaine lettuce

Lettuce, kale and marigolds

Lettuce varities

Blackberry bushes

Brady’s worms

Kalen’s snails


2 thoughts on “Garden Delight

  1. Your garden is doing so well! I am so worried that mine will not make it this year. We didn’t have a good year last year due to many things.

  2. Daniel Kruidenier says:

    Hey yall,
    that garden looks amazing. What a nice Spring selection. Hope the semester is ending well.

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