These two baby birds are only days old.  The kids and I have watched the mother bird earnestly prepare the nest, sit on the eggs and fly back and forth from the holly tree to other areas of our yard and trees.

As I saw these two fragile little baby birds today, I was reminded of neediness.  The baby birds heard me rustle the branches of the tree the nest was in and thought the mama bird was back with food.  They quickly rose out of their sleepy position and casted their necks and beaks as far upward as possible.  It was an amazing sight.  I quickly took a picture, as I heard and felt the presence of the mother bird only a few feet away.

Those tiny little creatures are totally dependent on their mother.  Only a few days old and they know who to count on to meet their needs.  I was moved as I saw the mother bird swoop in as soon as I stepped away.  Whether she had a worm to feed her babies or she was back to provide warmth and comfort, she was meeting needs.

Motherhood can be complex.  One moment you are clinging to your baby and protecting them from the world.  The next, you are praying for your child’s independence and place in this world.  Soon, that mother bird just outside our home will prepare her little ones to leave her nest.  They will move on with the strength their mother gave them.  I only hope my nurturing can give the same kind of love and inspiration to my kids as they spread their wings in this life.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers that will read this.  Your work does not go unnoticed.  Keep loving.

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