A reason to love May

One of the reasons we love May, here in North Carolina, is because that is when we get to go strawberry picking.  We gather as many containers as we can and head out to our favorite strawberry farm.

The day we chose to go picking, the sun was beating down on us.  Our fingertips quickly turned red as our containers began to fill.  We were all successful strawberry pickers.

A couple of days after our trip to the farm, I set aside the entire afternoon to make jam.  I had taken the kids to get several packs of water balloons to enjoy.  I figured this would keep them outside.   They stayed busy and cool as I heated up the kitchen canning our strawberries.  We have delicious jam to last us for a while.  I am tempted to do this all over again this coming weekend.


One thought on “A reason to love May

  1. Amanda says:

    YUM OLA! Good job, woman making good use of all those fresh seasonal berries. Would like to hear how you do it sometime. Enjoyed hearing your voice this am. I love you friend.

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