A Wink and a Smile

It was 2:17pm today. I was still homeschooling and feeling as if I had hardly picked my head up all day. All the children were at the table with me. Madelyn and I were going through her language lesson. Kalen was finishing a math workbook page. Julian was writing within his Wordly Wise book. Brayden was working on a puzzle.

I was dictating a sentence for Madelyn to write when I saw it. Just to my right sat Brayden. With two more pieces left to place down, so confident, he winked and smiled at me. It took my breath and made me giggle. He saw my response and did it again. I melted. What a gift. After all that has transpired today, the good and the bad, I was given a gift, a gift straight from the heart.

My day has different spin on it now, thanks to the little charmer.


One thought on “A Wink and a Smile

  1. Don’t you just love it when that kind of stuff happens? Our Braden is a charmer too! Is it in the name itself or being the last born you think? 🙂

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