Constant Busyness

Our days have been so full lately. Maybe it is the homeschooling mixed with swimming mixed with harvesting, cleaning and preparing fresh greens to eat. We have also had several social engagements and neighbor playtimes. Then for me, there’s the mounds of laundry, the home school planning and checking, meal preparations, time out with girlfriends, workouts, garden tending, and family nurturing. Whew. Can anyone relate to the feeling of constantly being “on”?

As I was ironing my fifteenth shirt this evening, I was asking Scott what in the world is keeping me so constantly busy. Motherhood encompasses so much. The roles I play throughout the day are many. I am thankful that I get to be super involved in the lives of my children and my husband. Why should it surprise me that I am constantly busy nurturing, cooking, cleaning, talking, teaching, mending and creating? This is totally what I signed up for and absolutely what I want to have my hands in.

I asked a friend about her recent trip over the weekend. This mother of three looked at me and said, “Where did I go?” I giggle as I type this because it resonates with me so much. The day to day with motherhood is so full of life, love, ups, downs, work, laughter, tears, fights, embraces, adventures, joys and heartaches.

I had taken all of our children to their rooms this evening. I settled down my youngest ones first and read to them. I then went to Julian and Madelyn to say good night. They were building K’Nex robots. I slipped into my nightgown and sat down at my computer to check emails and blog activity with the friends’ blogs I frequent. Brayden strolled across the hall and stood next to me with his cute little smile and new haircut. He wasn’t ready for bed quite yet. He asked me if he could go downstairs to get his silly bands. Hardly paying attention and not even looking directly at him, I told him he could quickly go downstairs to get his silly bands. In a blink, he was back and talking to me. I was reading and told him to go to bed. He said, “Mommy, I want to give you three silly bands.” I turned my head slowly and looked at him. I took a deep breath and told him that I would love to have the silly bands he wanted to give me. He wanted to give. I was exhausted. He was thinking of me. I wanted to escape. He was still loving. I melted.

Life is beautiful. With all of this busyness and constancy, there is still beauty and love. This gives me hope and prepares me for the next day that will be just as full as this one was.

I sit here on my couch with a laptop on my lap. My legs and feet are draped over my husband. He is holding my feet and watching the Celtics and Lakers. Life is good.


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