Pool Fun

Our family has been doing a lot of swimming lately.  There’s no cure for these hot Carolina days like that of visiting our neighborhood pool.  Thanks to my Dad and Sally’s generous gift to all of us for our birthdays this year, we’ll be spending our summer months at our pool.

Julian, Madelyn and Kalen are great swimmers.  I think all of the exposure last year allowed them to get really confident.  Brayden is almost there.  I think by the end of this summer, he’ll have it.  He’s such a cute little fish.

Being a pool mom is enjoyable.  I totally have to have my ducks in a row though.  🙂  It can be a little bit nerve-racking at times.  I am constantly counting heads.  I stay with Brayden and watch the others from a distance.  I am so glad the bigger three have each other.  It is fun to see them ride the slide together, play with their diving toys and just wrestle around with one another.  Ah . . . the gift of siblings.

Thanks, Dad and Sally, for paying for our membership!  What a sweet way to treat us.

The following photos are of us with our dear friends the Givens.  Sadly, they will soon leave us and head to their new home, California.


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