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My kids and I go to our public library weekly, sometimes even more than once.  This week we found several wonderful picture books that we want to read over and over again.  Among those that we can’t seem to get enough of are these two books pictured down below by Canadian author and illustrator, Marie-Louise Gay.  The main characters are Stella and her little brother, Sam.  The exchanges between these two are just precious.  The nature that is illustrated within these books is so sweet and pure.

As I was looking up these books online to read about the author, I was pleased to find a long list of other books she had written within the same Stella and Sam series.  Let the hunt begin . . .

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Gay has created two lovable, fun and wise children who live an enchanted life in nature. Her stories and art work appeal to parents and children alike.

Marie-Louise Gay is one of Canada’s most celebrated authors and illustrators of several books children ranging from pre-K to twelve.  Among the most popular of her contributions are the Stella and Sam books.

The versatility of this series shows in the age-range in which they are popular: preschool to Grade 2. Sam, the preschooler, will make the youngest readers feel at home, while they can look up to Stella, the big sister, who is the hero of the older readers.

Children as well as parents will adore the illustrations. The lovely pencil and watercolor and pencil works of art are neither loud nor insipid – the extremes that many children’s book illustrators are falling into these days. Gay’s soft pastels are boldly enlivened by flaming colors, such as Stella’s red hair and an object here and there.

Sam, the younger brother, is a charming and inquisitive, somewhat timid three-or four-year-old. Stella, his big sister, is his teacher and guide. Their exchange is funny and sweet without being clichéd or syrupy.


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