15 Days and Counting

As if we didn’t have enough to excite us these days, we received some news on Friday.  Madelyn has been accepted into Central Park School for Children.  This means that Julian, Kalen and Madelyn have the opportunity to attend this upcoming school year.  It had been several weeks that we had known that Julian and Kalen could attend this charter school.  We were holding out hope that Madelyn would be accepted as well.

After months of discussion, thought, many comments by pleased CPSC parents, and a personal tour by the assistant director, we have decided that Jules, Maddie and Kalen will attend school outside of our home this upcoming school year.  Our homeschoolers are spreading their wings.

Almost as soon as we got the news Friday, Scott opened up his laptop and helped the kids pick out their own monogrammed L.L. Bean book bags.  These are fun and exciting times for the Morrisons.

I have felt a range of emotions as we have considered and now committed to this opportunity.  As a mom that has had her children home each day for ten years, I can’t help but be emotional.  Today, I am excited and a little sad.  I am excited for our kids to enter into this community within Central Park School for Children.  I am excited for them to consistently have kids their own age to bounce things off of and pal around with.  I am looking forward to partnering with our kids’ teachers to provide the best possible education for our kids this upcoming year.  I am excited about this new environment for them to enter into.  I am sad that I won’t be their primary teacher.  I am sad that I won’t be around them all day.  I’ll miss their voices, laughter, company and their enthusiasm.  Sniff, sniff.

I will keep Brayden and Monica at home each day with me. 🙂  This will be fun and interesting.  I feel as though I am most gifted in teaching preschoolers, so to have just one to focus on will be a treat.  I look forward to giving myself fully to our two littlest ones everyday.

This will be a huge transition for our family.  We would appreciate your thoughts as we step up to the challenge.


3 thoughts on “15 Days and Counting

  1. oh friend . . . that is so exciting! i can feel the hardness of the letting go, but i can totally see the benefit and the goodness of a school like this. to have friends. to be in a regular classroom and learning in a different way. such good lessons there. and for you! to have a chance to love on the two little ones at home with focus and time and energy. i know it will be a new season for you as a mom, and i totally get the hardness of embracing it, but i have no doubt it will be a rich one full of lessons and different ways to love all your kids. you have prepared them well . . . love you guys.

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