A Note I’ll Never Forget

I really like notes, I always have.  I feel very loved by words written to me.

This morning after our school kids were at school, I picked up the house in preparation for cleaning.  I clean our house on Fridays.  As I walked into the kids’ bathroom, I found this note (above) from Madelyn.  My heart skipped a beat as soon as I saw the Dear Mom. My thoughtful daughter knew that this would mean something to me.  Even sweeter, she remembered that it was cleaning day and let me know she was willing to contribute.  I hadn’t said a word to her this morning about cleaning.  I’ll never forget these precious words written to me today, never ever.


4 thoughts on “A Note I’ll Never Forget

  1. oh, my, that is like the most precious thing I have heard in a while. what a thoughtful girl you have . . .and i know she is that way because she has watched good examples of that kind of loving.

    love you guys. hope you are doing okay with all this transition you are tasting. praying you find Jesus in the quiet, my friend. you are an amazing woman. love, Laura

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