Holding Him Up

It was a hot summer day and the kids were already in the pool.  I had been setting up our table and chairs after just arriving.  This just means that I was getting towels out and lining up flip-flops and such.  It was almost 99 degrees out there and I was ready for a cool dip in our neighborhood pool.  I took a head count and noticed Kalen coming towards me.  He mentioned wanting a snack.  I quickly gave in because his school days are long and I am sure he truly was hungry.  We sat and he chatted about the events of his day.  All the while, I had my eye on the other three swimming in the pool.

I began to watch Brayden specifically.  This little guy has recently been able to swim on his own in water deeper than his height.  However, when he is doing this, he looks like he is drowning.  He will go down in the water and come back up and take a big deep breath to go back down.  I kept watching him while I began to talk to Kalen about how amazing it was to watch Brayden swimming all on his own in the 4 ft part of the pool, away from the wall.  Brayden seemed to stay up towards the top of the water the more we watched him.  Kalen began talking and we looked at each other.  He said, “Mom, it’s amazing, it’s like God is holding him up just like this,” he cupped his hands and held them up together.  He wore the sweetest smile and I just melted.

As I think back on this sweet moment and exchange with my son, I am grateful for the way that God seems to hold me like this and keep my head above water.  What a sweet image.


2 thoughts on “Holding Him Up

  1. Laurie says:

    What a great picture of what God does for us…right on Kalen! Glad you are enjoying the pool still with school in session. I too feel that way in this season, and I’m so grateful He’s there for us. Love you!!

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