Big Wolf & little wolf

I love everything about this children’s book.  Big Wolf & little wolf written by Nadine Brun-Cosme and 
Illustrated by Olivier Tallec is a tale of two wolves that evokes a great deal of emotion.  I enjoy reading books to my children that puts a stir in their hearts.  The storytelling is simple, but deep.  This sweet book has led Brayden and me into a couple of precious discussions that I will not soon forget about friendship, love and sharing.  I must say that the illustrations are beautiful.  The colors are deep and the lines are strong.  I highly recommend this book!

Here is a little summary of the book I found on Enchanted Lion Books.

Big Wolf lives alone under a tree at the top of a hill. He is alone, but happy. One day he sees another wolf approaching, a little wolf. Without a word, Little Wolf sits down next to Big Wolf. He stays all night and all the next day. At first Big Wolf is suspicious. He also is worried that Little Wolf will grow bigger and become a rival. After a while, however, he starts to feel fond of his small companion. He decides to let Little Wolf share his covers, just a little, so he isn’t cold at night. The next day he shares some of his lunch. Just as Big Wolf is starting to get used to his new friend, and even to care for him, Little Wolf disappears. Big Wolf is too proud to cry or get upset, but the reader cannot miss the great mix of emotions he feels, which are movingly portrayed in Olivier Tallec’s sensitive illustrations. Big Wolf loses his appetite and cannot sleep. He spends his time staring at the horizon, waiting for Little Wolf to return, but without the slightest reason to hope that he will. But with the arrival of spring Little Wolf does return. Big Wolf is so happy his heart almost bursts. The two wolves shyly admit that without each other they found life lonely. Never again will they leave each other’s side.

If you enjoy this book, you’ll love big wolf & little wolf The Little Leaf that Wouldn’t Fall


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