It had been 21 days and sure enough, the eggs that Madelyn’s class had been taking care of hatched.  Brayden and I were fortunate enough to spend a great deal of today with them as they shared this experience.  Madelyn’s class will care for and observe these chicks for one week and then they will go back to the farmer and another family awaiting these precious little chicks.

Not only do I think it is cool that Madelyn was able to do this within her class, but Brady and I were actively involved as well.  This morning, we were there to see one hatch out of an egg.  We listened to the kids as they went on and on about their little class pets.  Madelyn’s teacher asked Brayden and I to walk a block over to a nursery that had straw and feed for the chicks.  We happily ventured over and were back in a snap with exactly what those little chicks needed.  Brady and I also went to the public library today to pick up some books on chicks for Madelyn’s teacher.  As soon as we returned, the class gathered around to listen to one of the non-fiction children’s books about chicks.  I must say that it is quite refreshing to still feel connected to my children’s learning experiences.


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