Put Em’ Up!

Foster’s Market along with Flyleaf Books, both of Chapel Hill, hosted Sherri Brooks Vinton recently and I was able to go hear her speak and see her cooking/canning demonstration.  What a fun night out it was for me!  Sherri is a very down to earth gal that is traveling the country on tour with her new book, Put Em’ Up!

I thought I would recommend this book to any of you that have considered preserving foods, are not that happy with how your canning has turned out or if you just are interested in a great resource like this.  I bought it and I am very impressed with how reader friendly it is, not to mention cute. It has lots of recipes for freezing, drying and canning foods.

Here’s a clip of hers from You Tube.


2 thoughts on “Put Em’ Up!

    • Hey Jennifer! Yes, you are exactly someone that would appreciate this gal and her stuff. See if you can find it. With the canning that you do, I think this will open up new doors for you and you’ll find the recipes to be doable. 🙂

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