One of the beauties of year around school is the break that occurs every nine weeks.  Just when I was blanking on what to put in their lunches and getting tired of carting them to and from school, they get some much deserved time off (and so do I, sort of).  Although, Madelyn has been quick to say that she doesn’t need time off.  She wants to go to school.

Our kids have the next several weeks off, they will return on October 11th.  It has been so nice to have our children’s sweet voices return to my daytime hours this week.  We have been sleeping in a little later (mostly me), cleaning, playing, doing a little math and reading, eating warm meals, running errands and having play dates.  Our week has flown by already, but most of the time it seems that way these days.

Overall, I give this school thing a thumbs up.  After the highs and lows of the first quarter, we all agree that this is going pretty well.  The kids think it is so much fun.  I have volunteered numerous times and taken Brady with me.  Even Brayden really likes going to Central Park School for Children.

Do I miss homeschooling?  Absolutely, I miss teaching my older kids.  I would totally be willing to transition back into teaching all of them if we decide to.  I am still homeschooling Brayden.  We have learning time during the week.  He is a great student.  It is nice having only one student to work with.  He is not easily distracted.  🙂  We have been working on his letters.  We’ve worked on A-E so far.  He is also learning how to write his name well.  I love working with my preschooler.  What a fun age!  Brayden is such a creative, responsive, attentive, and willing learner.

Here are some pictures of Brayden’s work and a few of Kalen at the skate park this week.

Modeled after If You Give A Mouse A Cookie and If You Give A Pig A Pancake:

Brayden practicing his name and his dolphin after studying the letter D.


One thought on “Intersession

  1. I have been reading your blog for the last couple of weeks, and really have enjoyed it. I was home schooled till 7th grade growing up, and remember making that transition. I now have 2 little ones of my own – 2yr and 3mo – and you have helped give me some great ideas on how to work w/ letters for my soon to be preschooler : ) Enjoy the rest of your break!

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