Carrboro Music Festival & Childless Moments

Here I sit in the midst of locals gathered to hear music in the unique town of Carrboro.  There is a festival going on.

I am alone and yet surrounded by at least a hundred and fifty people in a quaint little place called Open Eye Cafe.  It has a rustic, almost warehouse, feel to it.  I can hardly hear myself think over the commotion and music.  Laptop open, jasmine tea at a my fingertips, life is good.

Our kids are having a little mini vacation with my in-laws.  Since school is out for a few weeks, Nana and Grandpa thought it would be a great time to have them spend some time there.  I agreed.  🙂  Scott is at a soccer game that I opted out of because it is raining here.  Oh darn, I have to sit here in this coffee shop and watch people, blog, read, soak in this local music and just breathe.  Can you hear me giggling?

I should probably give a plug for the current band I am listening to, they are the Sinful Savage Tigers.  I love the acoustic sound and infectious bluegrass feel.  My toes are definitely tapping.


2 thoughts on “Carrboro Music Festival & Childless Moments

  1. Julie says:

    I saw your ADORABLE children this morning with your in-laws in our Bible Fellowship class. Now, I’ve seen their pictures for years while following your blog, but oh my, they surely are super adorable in person! K and B stayed with Jan, and they sat right behind me and were soooo good! You should be very proud. Enjoy your “me” time in the next few days. 🙂

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