Foster Care Books

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As I am sitting here with some free moments to myself (read previous post), I was able to find several books on Amazon about fostering.  My heart is still very much open to our next fostering experience, and I am eager to soak in as much encouragement and information pertaining to this.  As I made my list of books I would like to read, I thought some of you might enjoy this list as well.  Please know that I have not read these yet, but they do have good reviews on Amazon.

Another Place at the Table by Kathy Harrison

Three Little Words: A Memoir by Ashley Rhodes-Courter

The Middle Mom by Christie Erwin

Success as a Foster Parent by the National Foster Parent Association with Rachel Greene Baldino

Damaged by Cathy Glass

Orphans of the Living by Jennifer Toth

One Small Boat by Kathy Harrison

Turning Stones: My Days and Nights with Children at Risk: A Caseworker’s Story by Marc Parent

Note that these reads will not necessarily be feel good books.  In fact, after reading several of the reviews, I gather that they will be tales of tragedy and heartache.  And yet, at the same time, I think they will present a sense of hope and insight into the topic of fostering children, something I am quite passionate about.


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