Two More

We have two foster children that arrived to stay with our family last night.  They are boys, the little one is two and his brother is five years old.  We have been told that his is a temporary placement.

I am excited and busy.  These little guys are needy, but so adorable and lovable.  The five-year old is in school just down the road from our other kids.  I have the two yr. old and Brayden with me during the day.

Please keep us in your thoughts as we take on this adventure.  It is a big deal to be entrusted with such precious children.  We don’t take our responsibility lightly.  May we take one day at a time and remember to laugh, love unconditionally and give as the Lord would want us to.

So thankful . . .


5 thoughts on “Two More

  1. Kim Freeman says:

    Thanks for sharing, we will be praying for you guys. I am thankful you are living by faith and that faith is being lived out by your works.

  2. Laurie says:

    What a wonderful blessing your family is to so many others! I will pray for your stamina and peace….look forward to talking with you this week!

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