Worst Part

Oddly, the worst part of fostering children is not wiping a child you hardly know or even dealing with tantrums that you don’t know why they even started . . . it is finding things that they left behind.

Our two foster boys have moved on.  Their journey stopped briefly here for five days.  Today has been an emotional day.  We packed them up and took them to their case worker.  After a very teary ride home, I stepped into our home and, of course, stepped over and picked up many of the things that they enjoyed playing with here.  The loss just cuts right through me.  Tears fall with ease and without effort.

These past five days were a gift to them and a gift to us.  I’ll cherish the memories made, the love given and received.  Those precious faces will never leave me.

Lord, you know their plans.  Please keep them close to you and provide for them.  May they be treasured and loved.  May they always have a place to lie their heads and someone to love them the way they deserve to be loved.  Protect them, Lord.  Keep their hearts pure.  Thank you for the chance to hold, kiss, read to, bathe, feed and influence them.  Thank you for the way that you have changed me just by being with them.  I am trusting You with their care.  I love you and I need you now.  Amen.


4 thoughts on “Worst Part

  1. Gretchen says:

    You may never know how your five days with those boys played into God’s big plan for them, but know that you were a blessing to them, too. I praise God for your big heart:)

  2. OH, MAN. How tough, my precious friend. What a brutal thing for your heart, an incredible test of trust and letting go and entrusting HIM with THEM. Wow. Just, wow.

    Just caught up on “you” on these pages. Loved the pics of yoga on the beach and have heard great things about the Stearns book. That’ll be on my wish list for Christmas, I think.

    Anyway, just wanted to say that I am praying for you as I type, that tomorrow would rise with a new hope, as you keep pouring yourself out.

    Proud of you guys,

  3. Kim Freeman says:

    I am so encouraged by you and Scott. Your willingness to be a refuge for these children, not knowing how long it will be and being willing to make the sacrifice of letting them go. I was hoping this time it would be easier for you. I am thankful these difficult partings haven’t kept you from continuing to open your home to new opportunities to bless hurting children who need loving support whether its for a few days or for a lifetime. You both are living the gospel and storing up treasures for yourselves in heaven. In some ways you are getting a taste of what it was like for our Heavenly Father to part with His Son so that we could become His children. What you guys are doing is priceless. I know it can’t be easy, I’m sure there must be times you would rather not take the risk that is involved, but I praise God that you are caring for these children. Thank you for sharing your highs and lows. God is using that in my life to challenge me.

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