Late December, Much to Remember

I just wanted to post some photos, with descriptions, of some of the moments that were captured in our late December.

Inspired by Night Tree by Eve Bunting, given to us years ago by our good friends the Kruideniers, we made some edible decorations for a tree by our home.  We hoped that it would be a nice gift to some local critters.

Celebrating 12 wonderful years of marriage, December 19th.

This is just one of the victims of the flu that passed through our home.  We spent several days under the radar.  It was no fun at all.  Our kids were such troopers.  Thank heavens Scott never caught it, he cared for us all. We are calling this the Sick Christmas.

We were semi-well enough to celebrate Christmas with family.  My dad and Sally came in from Kentucky to share the holiday with family.

Two peas in a pod, these girls (Madelyn and her cousin, Anna Kristin) enjoyed a lot of time together this Christmas.

Jan, Jerry, and Shanda came to celebrate Christmas with us at our home.  In this picture, you can get a vision for the excitement that surrounded us.

Madelyn and Aunt Shanda

We enjoyed a white Christmas.

This is one of the ways you would find Julian at Christmas, putting together lego sets.

This was a picture taken at my mom’s house.  You can see how busy we were with enjoying our time together.

We have been visiting with some dogs at our local animal shelter.  Yes, we have the puppy itch.  Scott will proudly say he does not have the puppy itch.  🙂

On New Year’s Eve, we took the kids out to share some drinks and enjoy some family time.  Here you see Kalen and Brayden toasting their Izze drinks.


2 thoughts on “Late December, Much to Remember

  1. Daniel Kruidenier says:

    What great memories. Happy anniversary you two. And, as to your prior post on goals Anna, we do need to get together multiple times, we too keep thinking about chickens, gardens, music, and less TV/movies. Your list reminded me of how simple and straightforward life can be, and how much of what is good in life involves live beings, their care and nurture. Thanks,

  2. Kim Freeman says:

    Sorry to see you were sick over Christmas, we had the stomach bug too and I was the only one who didn’t get it. And like you guys the kids and I have the puppy itch, but Mitch does not. We get to dog sit for friends ever so often and this kind of cures it for me. Picking up their “stuff” and having the house smelling like a dog and the dog hair are reality checks for me. But when she leaves I hate to see her go. Maybe you guys can keep a friends dog for a few days just as a trial run. Great pics. Always good to see your smiling faces.

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