A Dose of Inspiration

I wanted to be inspired as I roamed the aisles of our local library today.  I was tickled to find this stack of recipe books and one on organic living.  Here’s to a Happy New Year –  full of good health and thoughtful living.


6 thoughts on “A Dose of Inspiration

  1. I have babycakes out from the library right now too! I own the vegan table and I do like it. I think I like her joy of vegan baking better. I’m dying to get the new book by Isa … Appetite for Reduction. I think I’m going to order it with an amazon gift card I got for christmas. I’ll let you know how it is. I love getting a stack of books from the library. My big stack is on Williamsburg since that is what we are studying. I’ve also got a few on photography. love you, Jen

    • If only we could be sitting on my couch, or yours, just flipping through these great finds.
      I agree, the Joy of Vegan Baking is better than the Vegan Table. I found a few recipes that are worth trying within the VT.
      Maybe one day we can visit NYC together and enjoy Babycakes in person. 🙂

  2. Hey girl . . . Love that you are getting inspiration from new books. Absolutely, i get caught in ruts of cooking like the same five meals over and over and over again!

    Glad to catch up on you and yours here today. Love the look of the new site, and loved looking at all your holiday pics!

    You have such a beautiful family, friend. Love yall, Laura

    • I truly enjoy being connected to each other through our blogs. Your posts bring so much inspiration and heart.
      Enjoy your new year. Thinking of you and yours . . .

  3. Anna! I LOVE Babycakes!! I actually hunted her bakery down while I was in NYC last. It was amazing! Hope you can make some scrumptious treats for you and the family.

    xx – Amanda

    • Hey Amanda! So great to hear from you. I envy you. I would love to go scope out all the vegan restaurants and bakeries in NY. One day . . .

      I hope you and Todd are doing well. Happy New Year!

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