Little Glimpses

Our days come and go so quickly it seems.  Tonight I went from room to room and just snapped some photos.

First, I took a picture or two right before dinner.  I thought I would share one of our favorite meals.

Later I took some pictures of my family just living up the last few moments of their day.

This is our Harvest Bowl.  It consists of baked tofu, basmati rice, black beans. spinach, sweet potatoes (cooked in a skillet on stove with Earth Balance, canola oil, dash of cinnamon and sugar, and apple juice), and button mushrooms.  Years ago in Boone, we use to frequent a restaurant called Angelica’s.  They cooked up a mean Harvest Bowl that we try to replicate.

This is my picky-eater version of our Harvest Bowl, for none other than our own Brayden.  🙂

Julian’s Uncle Ryan and Aunt Stephanie gave him a sketch pad and some really nice colored pencils for Christmas.  He sketches daily.  He likes to incorporate nature into his drawings.  Since our kids are still on break, Julian has had lots of time to dabble in this new hobby.

Here’s Kalen’s finished record player made from K’NEX.

Evidently, I walked in on a tickle fest going on in Kalen and Brady’s room.

This is the type of scene you will see all over our home.

Maddie had no idea I was standing and looking through the crack in her doorway.  She is pictured here with her Designer Doodles book, given to her by Nana and Grandpa.  What a fantastic book!  Madelyn is into design and style.  This book encourages beginner designers to express themselves in truly artistic ways.  I will also say that it has been a wonderful book to woo Madelyn and I together, in all our girlishness, and doodle along side each other.  🙂



2 thoughts on “Little Glimpses

  1. A record player!!! I love it! I was looking at your 2011 goals, and so curious as to what a vegan family is going to do with chickens. Loved all your pics, Anna! Happy New Year.

    • Melanie, it would seem odd for a vegan family to raise chickens, right? Would we use our chicken’s eggs? Knowing that our chickens are well cared for and we are enjoying the give and take of raising them, maybe we would enjoy eating eggs. I am not there yet. Thinking about having chickens excites us. We are far from even stepping into the legwork involved in this endeavor. Can’t hurt to dream and think on things though.
      I have a friend in town that raises chickens. They have a wonderful set up and their boys treat their chickens like pets.

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