We received a call a week ago Friday about a couple of children in need of foster care.  Our hearts began to race as we took in the excitement of this opportunity.  As with most of these calls, there is excitement along with sadness.  The whole reason we receive opportunities to care for children in the foster care system is, of course, because there has been abuse or neglect inflicted upon them.

We waited all last week as reports came in, little by little, about this case and these precious children.  Our hearts began swelling daily for these children and their family.  The Department of Social Services placed the little boy with another foster family and we were asked to foster the little girl.  After much thought, prayer and many questions, we said yes.  We said yes to a little girl who is currently lying in a hospital bed.  We said yes to uncertainty.  We said yes to openness.

This kind of openness is risky.  Walking into a challenge is uncomfortable.  Being able to embrace the what ifs and come what may is not something we do easily.

We don’t know what our week will be like.  We must wait to hear from workers that are sorting out this case and making arrangements for these children.  For now, all we know is that we’ve said yes to love.


3 thoughts on “Openness

  1. Gretchen says:

    I will keep that precious little girl in my prayers. I will also continue to pray for your sweet family, too. Know that you are loved and held in the hands of the creator of the universe!!! XOXO

  2. Oh…that is heartbreaking, I can only imagine what those kids have gone through. Your kindness and generosity, to open your home like that, is amazing and inspiring. Your family will be a bright spot in that little girl’s life.

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