Hello February … sniff, sniff

Sick this week.  Julian and I have been out of it and can’t seem to bounce back well.  Makes me think about our immune systems and the need to be proactive about staying healthy by eating well.  Although we are vegan, we could still make improvements in our diet within the Morrison home.  We do eat processed foods.  We need to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.  Hey, speaking of that . . . did anyone catch yesterday’s Oprah?  She and hundreds of her employees went vegan for a week.  The show was great, with it I think her message was to get her viewers to be thoughtful about what goes into their bodies.  Click here to read more about the show.

For the past several days I have been increasing the amount of Vitamin C we are taking in.  We use a product called Emergen-C.  You simply put the powder in a glass and add water.  The drink is loaded with vitamins and is an energy booster.  I just made a smoothie with frozen strawberries, bananas, ginger, apple juice, soymilk, a few fresh salad mix leaves, Vitamin C powder (not Emergen-C) and frozen mangos.  I have also been taking shots of apple cider vinegar.  My good friend, Jen, told me about this a year ago.  The vinegar is an effective bacteria-fighting natural remedy for all kinds of ailments.  To fight off this sickness I have also been drinking a lot of lemon water.  We got a really neat hand-held lemon juicer from Target awhile back.  I juice one whole lemon into a tall glass and then add water.  Lemon water is super good for you.  Google some of these things and find out more about them.  Maybe you can implement them into your diet and keep from getting whatever bug that we have here.

*I did want to give an update on the foster child that we are waiting to care for.  It seems it will be awhile longer before she is discharged from the hospital, as she needs even more medical care.


2 thoughts on “Hello February … sniff, sniff

  1. Daniel Kruidenier says:

    Hey Anna, sorry to hear yall are sick. Will the kids drink lemon water? Ours won’t but they think lemon orange juice a treat. At the least sign I start handing that out every morning to battle back. Hope yall get well soon,

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