Having a One Year Old Around

It will be two weeks tomorrow since our little foster child came to stay with us.  Just yesterday I took this quick snapshot up above.  What you see is her sitting in front of the cabinet beneath our kitchen sink.  Yep, she was emptying it out.  Brayden is four years old now (almost five) and I somehow had forgotten about the curiosity of one year olds.  While she explored this little cabinet, I was literally right above her cooking supper.  She likes to stay close by.  She fits right in.

Having a one year old around means diapers, baby food, everything goes in the mouth, lots of babble, crying, baby toys, naps, high chair use, onesies, a tiny cackle here and there, and lots of holding.  For this special little girl, there is also the special care for her burns that are healing, weekly visitation with mom and brother, doctor and physical therapy appointments and a sensitivity and understanding that is necessary when caring for a foster child.

Within the last two weeks, we have fallen for her completely.  I have heard it said that foster parents should be careful when getting attached to a child.  Well, I am here to tell you it is impossible for me not to get attached.  When I care for a child around the clock, look into those sweet innocent and needy eyes . . .  I am going to love.  I ran into a neighbor yesterday and they met our new family member.  This person quickly said, “I just don’t think I could ever do what you are doing.  I am just so sensitive and I would get too attached.”  I understand, I really do.  It is really hard to let a child go that you love and have invested in.  Right now, this baby girl needs a happy environment to grow within.  She needs a place to be loved.

We are uncertain about this child’s permanency.  In the next month or so, we will know what the plan is for this specific case.  This is the way of fostering.  There are a lot of unknowns.  For now, we get to enjoy the presence and messiness of this little joy that has invaded our world.


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