Happy Hands

I was feeding our foster baby girl today with no one else around.  There were sweet sounds of our kids playing on the trampoline and music playing from Pandora.  It was just her and me.  She loves crackers, and she wanted more.  I’ve been teaching her some sign language, and out of the blue I see her sign “more.”  My heart skipped a beat, my eyes popped, and I squealed with delighted.  I think I scared her for a moment!  I was elated to see something so tangible that I had taught her.  She laughed and smiled with all the cuteness that she possesses, and I just continued to melt.  Of course, I gave her more crackers, and she continued to show me her new trick.  She is such a happy girl.

Each day of fostering seems a little different from the day before.  The reality and seriousness of this little lady’s future is unknown.  When I spend time with her I see so much potential.  I see her willingness to listen, to learn new things.  Her smile is so bright.  I want so much for this little girl.

Just like every night, tonight I took off her day clothes and dirty diaper, then put her special lotion all over her burned areas.  She and I trade smiles this whole time.  I picked out some warm pajamas and suited her up.  I brought her to me and led her to her and Maddie’s room.  We read a book and then cuddled while I hummed and rocked her for a few minutes.  I laid her in her crib and draped the pink blanket, a gift from my grandma, over her.  I touched her nose with my finger, winked, and told her that I loved her (like I always do).  Tonight I decided to blow her a kiss as I was leaving the room.  She blew me one right back.  As she was releasing her precious little hand from her lips to blow that kiss, she made the sound I always do, “mmmwah.”


Hunting Island 2011

Last weekend we were able to get away with our friends the Kruideniers to Hunting Island, SC.  We had an amazing time camping and taking it all in.  The kids had a blast.  The scenery was spectacular.  The weather was ideal.  The company was refreshing and full of laughter and love.

Camping is no small deal with five kids in tow.  I felt like I was holding my breath at times, it was going so seamlessly.  I kept waiting for major meltdowns or catastrophes.  There were none.  Our kids were such troopers.

Thanks Jen and Daniel for letting us tag along again this year.  Dare I say this should be an annual getaway?  🙂

Our Luna MVP

I have been wanting to post this for a week now.  Madelyn is playing another season of soccer with team Luna.  She played her first game of the season and scored 2 goals and had two assists.  We are so proud of her!  The picture down below is priceless.  You can see the ball in the goal and Maddie in her  pigtails and yellow socks already celebrating her goal.  🙂

I have to say that Maddie’s coach,who just happens to be her Daddy, did an amazing job that Saturday.  I think the team scored 8 goals.

Celebrating Brayden’s Decision

Last Friday, it is unknown what provoked it, Brayden stated that, “Today is the day I am going to stop sucking my fingers.”  Of course, we all grinned and gave him a pat on the back.  Brayden has sucked two fingers his whole life.  As parents, we have not known what to do to get him to break this habit.  We didn’t know how old he would be when he finally gave it up.  I was hoping it would be before he left for college.  🙂 It just seemed unattainable.  Ever feel that way with parenting?  So as you can imagine after his proclamation, we were not thinking he was serious.

He has totally stuck to his word!  So, we set a date and threw him a party.  If there were ever something to be celebrated, I do believe this qualifies!  Monday night was all about Brady.  There were balloons, his favorite foods, cupcakes, and special words given to him from each of us.

So, Brayden moves on to the next chapter in his life.  As we like to quote from the movie Up, “Adventure is out there . . .”