Cute Smiles

Here are some smiley pictures of our little beauties.  They are growing up before our eyes.


Finding a Rhythm

11, 9, 7, 4, 2 & 1. These are the ages of our children.  Indeed there is chaos, sometimes, within our home.  The dust is settling a bit from taking in our newest little one.  Fostering children shakes up the flow of our home until a new rhythm is discovered that suits us and is maintained.  I will be glad to find that new flow.

This weekend we changed up our kids’ rooming situations to make everyone more comfortable.  Furniture has been moved, clothes are in the wrong rooms, toys are needing new homes, and in the meantime . . . we get to live in the mess.  We knew this would be messy.  Whew.  Change has come.

Our baby girl grabbed my face as I leaned into her after changing her diaper this evening.  She pressed her face into mine and wrapped her whole body around my top half.  She puckered her lips and kept planting hard kisses on my lips.  With the rest of that room in a mess behind my feet, I embraced the goodness of that moment.  She needs me.  She loves me.  Who cares what the house looks like.  Her smile was bright, full, happy and confident.

The rhythm to our days will come.

Another Hand to Hold

Over a week ago, we unexpectedly were asked to temporarily care for our foster baby girl’s brother.  Long story short, he is now living with us.  He is a sweet and adorable child that needs love, stability, and a positive environment (don’t we all).  It is remarkable to watch our two foster children interact as siblings.  They are so sweet with each other, and the bond is undeniable.  Our hearts melt each time we seem them embrace each other.  They cackle and make the cutest faces at one another.

Our new little guy came with hesitation, but not a mean bone in him.  He would (and still does) show signs of sadness, loss, and pain, but he willingly lets me console him.  Those hugs are amazing, the ones that are healing to him, and I can feel it.  This is important work, and I don’t take it lightly.  I study him and try to tap into where he is.  He needs us.  He needs his sister.  He needs each of us.

Our own kids, Madelyn, Julian, Kalen, and Brayden, have been amazing.  They have stepped up to this challenge with open arms and selflessness.  I see in them compassion and love that I don’t know how I would have taught them if it were not for these two little ones that have come into our lives.  I have tried to stay attuned to where Maddie, JJ, Kalen and Brady are emotionally.  Our house is full, and I want to make sure they all feel loved, needed, and cared for.

We are taking it one day at a time here in the Morrison home.  We are in the process of rearranging rooms and purging unneeded items.  We don’t know how long our foster children will be with us, but we still have to ensure everyone is living comfortably and such.  Our foster children’s court date is today, when a judge hears what’s going on.  Scott is there right now getting the scoop and representing our family.  We will slowly learn what direction this case is headed.  For now, we love.