Digging for Gold

Yep, found this tiny Lego piece in our foster little boy’s nose.  I was laying him down for a diaper change and was shocked to see a gold something or another wedged in his nose.  It was high enough to not be hanging out, but not high enough for us to rush to the ER.  Scott held him down and I performed the dirty work.  That little stinker.

We have never had a kid to put something up their nose.  It was quite shocking.  I looked at him and thought to myself, you stinker, what in the world would you do that for? And when did you do this?   Of course, when it was all said and done and we were not on our way to the hospital, I did chuckle a little to myself.

This was a great teaching moment for our children.  Scott held the little two kids and I marched downstairs with tweezers in hand and showed our children the snotty little Lego piece.  I told them, in a very stern mommy voice of course, that they need to be careful about what they leave lying around.  I then went on to talk to them about being responsible about picking up after themselves when they are done playing with something.  With big eyes, they all showed they agreed with what I was saying.  Brayden even asked if our little boy had cried a lot.  I laid it on thick and assured him he had (wink, wink).

Raising kids is so detail oriented.  Really, I have to make sure they don’t stick stuff up their noses?  We must be watchful, as parents.  We must watch to make sure the door is closed so the little ones won’t  sneak out.  We watch to make sure the bathroom door is closed, so the one year old doesn’t play in the toilet water or the two-year old doesn’t pull the paper off the roll.  We watch to make sure our big kids walk safely across the street to get the mail.  We watch, like hawks, when we are at the pool, making sure all little ones have heads above the water.  We watch and watch.  I feel like a safekeeper.  They are worth it though.  They need us.



Spring Photos

Spring has held a lot for our family of eight.  We have been busy with birthdays, school, soccer, visits with grandparents, journeying through our longest foster placement thus far, Scott defending his dissertation proposal, and lots more.  I thought I would share several snapshots of Morrison life.  

As I scrolled back through my photos, I realized I didn’t post many regarding the kids’ actual birthdays.  I always decorate the table on the morning of our kids’ birthdays.  Julian had a Lego figure theme this year.  He’s eleven now!  We celebrated his birthday months ago, in early spring, with his best buds here at the house.

Madelyn had an art party for her birthday.  She invited her closest girlfriends from school.  These creative cats had a ball.  I highly recommend art parties.

Scott helped out with face painting at the party.

The girls did marble paintings, along with many other art related activities, and they turned out great!

Yummy vegan cupcakes were made in abundance for our kids’ birthdays.

My mom made these aprons for the girls to enjoy at the party.  They were made out of hand towels and ribbons.  Aren’t they cute?  My mom is amazing.

Kalen had a birthday party at our home as well.  He had the guys from his first grade class come over and celebrate with us.  This picture shows Scott heading up some relay races.

Surrounded by his best buds.  He had a super fun 7th birthday.

Madelyn made this adorable outfit for Brady’s Build a Bear and many other outfits for unclothed critters.  She is so creative and still loves sewing and designing things.

This is just a shot of Scott and I to let you know we are still indeed alive, even though we are rarely pictured.  🙂

The last kid birthday celebrated, was of course, Brayden’s.  This was his breakfast table decoration. Obviously, he is a Toy Story fan.

I am confident that Brady was well loved on his special day.  

Here’s Madelyn and my mom at the Strawberry Festival, an annual event in Durham.

And here is a funny photo of me with three huge cupcakes.  Scott discovered that Whole Foods now makes these vegan cupcakes.  He surprised me and came home with them on my special day.  Feels good to be 33.  Birthdays aren’t as exciting as they use to be though.

No, I didn’t eat all three cupcakes.  I ate some of all of them though!  Carrot cake was my favorite.  I highly recommend Whole Foods vegan cupcakes!

We felt guilty about sharing these cupcakes without the kids, so we ordered some more to share with our kids and Scott’s parents who were visiting.

We recently took part in a fun day at our Life and Science Museum here in Durham.  The Durham County Department of Social Services decided to honor their foster families and treat us to a day at the museum with our families. 

Julian is still loving Legos.

Sweet Kalen

Maddie and Brady hanging out at home.

I do wish I could show the precious little faces of our foster children on my blog.  I hope you all don’t think it is creepy that I take photos of their hands and feet.  They are just so adorable and I have to capture them somehow for you.  This photo was taken the day our little boy painted at our house for the first time.  Our kids paint frequently.  It was so neat to watch our little boy use real paintbrushes and an array of brightly colored paints.  He was timid and so careful, almost like the freedom to paint was so overwhelming.  His joy shined as he used each color and experimented with the brush.  I teared up as I praised his hard work.  He was so happy.  Surely, this wasn’t the first time he has painted, but maybe it was.  🙂

We went to see my mom, Annette, Grandma and Uncle Bob last weekend.  You’ll see several flower pictures below because Mom is a flower person.  My grandma and my mom are both crazy about flowers.  I am realizing more and more that I take after them in so many ways, including this love of flowers.  I like how my grandma and my mom both appreciate beauty.  Mom’s garden is bright and beautiful right now.

Here I am with Grandma.  She is such a gift to me.  I love her to pieces.  

Here is my mom with our baby girl.  Mom has taken to her and our little boy with such ease and incredible love. I am so thankful for this.  

Annette set up a slip and slide for the kids.  They had a wet and wild time!  It was so much fun to watch.  

Dear Mothers,

Happy Mother’s Day!  The work you do is sacred.  Know that you are incredibly needed and celebrate that.  Keep shining your light and that undying love that you’ve been given for your children.  Lean into the Lord for strength and joy.  Take time for yourself.  Breathe deep and savor the everyday.