Happy Birthday, Scott

We love the way you …

make us laugh

coach soccer

protect us


read to us


take us on adventures

thrifty shop with us

play games with us

talk to us

listen to us

tickle us


play your guitar


make us smile

and pick us up when we are down.

Happy Birthday to our favorite guy in the world.  We love you, Scott (Dad)



4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Scott

  1. Daniel Kruidenier says:

    Happy birthday Scott.
    Indeed a great husband and father, and I’ll add one of the best friends a man can have.

    And if you thought that was sappy:

    Here’s to another year of your life– another year this chaotic, troubled, and confusing world is blessed with the thoughtfulness, peace, joy, and health that are the effects of your life.

    I drink a beer in your honor tonight!


  2. Amanda Scott Walters says:

    Anna, my house is busy with kid friends over & lunch clean up & I am so blessed right now that I opened the computer to check out your blog…needed to see your face & tell you I miss you today & you are a one of a kind woman & I so so want us to be old lady friends. I love you!
    Your hair cut is awesome! So enjoyed the way you honored Scott on his birthday- very well expressed- beautiful pic’s. Take care, Mandy

  3. Anna, Have loved catching up on ya’ll tonite. Loved looking through all the pictures. You guys look so happy. Happy bday to Scott, and I adore your new haircut. Smokin’, girl. 🙂 Happy summertime, friend.

    Love, Laura

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