Braving the Beach

We said yes.  We jumped on board with the Kirby clan and headed to the ever populated Myrtle Beach the week of July 4th.  Scott and I were a bit hesitant to attempt a week-long vacation, but we decided to take the plunge.  This would be a family event.  My dad, Sally, and my brother, Ryan, and his family were all going to be there.  There would also be a few more from my dad’s side of the family that we would be able to see and hang out with.  It was well worth it.  Family is so important.

Sidenote:  I love the beach.  You don’t have to twist my arm too much to get me to go.  I think I could live there.  I joke with my kids and tell them that out of all of them, someone needs grow up to be rich enough to by his/her mom a house at the beach.  🙂  I just feel home there.

We packed up both of our vehicles and headed east.  Scott and I knew it would be work and indeed it was.  But that work was well worth it.  Six kids at the beach is pretty busy, but so fun.  We made so many memories.

I’ll share many photos down below and try to do a little narrating along the way….

Madelyn Virginia

This was the view of a marina from our condo.

We were lucky enough to be able to see this from our balcony as well.  The kids loved watching the bridge move for the boats.

We believe this was our foster baby girl’s second trip to the beach.  The first time was back in March when we took her camping at Hunting Island, SC.  This trip, she was fearless again and not afraid to get down and dirty.

This is a photo of my nephew, Grayson, burying our Brayden.  Boy did our kids have fun with their cousins.

Kalen was in the ocean most of time.

We let Madelyn and Julian stay up with us to watch fireworks.  Our little ones passed out plenty early.  We had a great view of a late night firework show at Barefoot Landing.

We went out one night to P.F. Chang’s.  This is one of our favorite restaurants.  It was fun to experience it at the beach with our big family.

Here’s my brother, Ryan, and Stephanie

Sally and Dad

We went over to Broadway at the Beach and Dad paid for all the kids to ride some rides.  It was very cute.  Here’s Brady and Grayson on the death defying Willy the Whale ride.  🙂

This was huge.  Our Julian and Kalen rode this pirate ship with Ryan and Anna Kristin.  Fun stuff! (As my brother would say.)

Great picture of Ryan and Steph

Anna Kristin (my niece) with Maddie.  They were born only 10 days apart.  They were buddied up during our vacation.

What’s better than a baby falling asleep on the beach?

Brayden acquired a new net that allowed him (and others) to catch some jellies.  On this particular day, there were a lot floating around.  Brady was so proud with each catch.

This is one of the only pictures I have of Julian on the beach.  He spends most of the time in the waves.  Julian loves being in the ocean.  It is really neat to watch him.

Scott took a turn or two going out with the boogie board.  The waves were pretty fierce the last day, but he got right there in the middle of them.

I took this picture just to show you how crowded this SC beach is this time of year.

This is a picture of my dad with sister, Kay, and Sally.  We went out to eat at a fun Mexican restaurant for Sally and Ryan’s birthday.

Maddie girl was so delightful on our trip.  All our kids are just growing right up before our eyes.  Vacations are so refreshing because you can get away from your normal routine and just immerse yourself in celebrating family life.  We have a lot of lives to celebrate!

I don’t have any pictures of our little foster boy to share.  All the photos I took show his face and I can’t really get away with that.  It could have well been his first time to the beach.  We discovered he doesn’t like sand and the ocean water.  This was interesting to find out and deal with.  We tried to be as understanding as possible.  He did sit with his feet (in his shoes) in the sand a couple of times.  Mostly, he hung out under the tent with Papa.  He was a trooper.  We were thankful to be able to share the ocean with our two foster kids.


One thought on “Braving the Beach

  1. Julie says:

    Precious, Anna! Good gracious your kids are looking grown up – especially Brady. I would love to live at the beach, too. Indoctrination of your kiddos to buy you a (future) beach house is brilliant – I’m going to try that, too. 🙂

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