First Day of School

Today was the first day of school for our Madelyn and Kalen.  Madelyn started fourth grade today and Kalen began second grade.  For those just tuning in, they attend a year around charter school.  This is our second year learning within a school outside our home.

Not many people can pull off wearing a wrist sweatband.  Kalen found this one awhile back when he was rooting around in Scott’s old stuff at his Nana and Grandpa’s house.  It cracks me up that he likes to wear it.  I love that he thinks it is cool and fun to wear.  🙂  Are you giggling yet?

Everyday after the kids have piled (literally) into the van after school, I ask them if it was a thumbs up day or a thumbs down day.  After they give me the sign, they then start rattling out all sorts of details from their day.  Clearly, this was a good day.

Brayden smiles and awaits his big day tomorrow.  Eek! (says the mama taking the picture)

Oh, I forgot to add that Julian, Brayden and our foster duo were home today during school hrs.  It was interesting having those four home with me.  Kalen and Madelyn were definitely missed.  We have enjoyed our school break this summer.  Some days have been intense with so many voices and bodies around, but each day has had golden moments.  It was bittersweet sending them off today.  They were so excited to see all their friends and get in their new classrooms.  That helped me.  We had met their teachers individually last week.  I think it is really neat that before the school year starts, their teachers come to visit us at our home and tell us about what they will be doing with their class this upcoming year. They all have wonderful teachers.

Julian will start school next month.  He will be on a traditional school calendar at a local Montessori middle school.  Gulp!  Our Julian will be a middle schooler!  Ready or not….

Little mister Brayden will be starting Kindergarten tomorrow.  I tear up just typing that.  He is excited.  He has his new backpack and lunchbox all ready downstairs.  I am predicting that I will be a mess.  I will be posting about his big day.


2 thoughts on “First Day of School

  1. SJ says:

    Hey, my sons are both giggling, but only because they thought it was funny that anyone would not know that wrist sweatbands are the “in” thing for boys to wear now! I like how you have him wearing a wristwatch as well (which both my sons think looks “way cool”), it was a hassle at first to get mine to wear watches (kids want to depend on a cell phone now) or anything on their wrists until they started school and saw all of the other boys wearing loads of things on their wrists, (and necklaces, you name it!). Once they got used to having watches on their wrist, they balanced it out by wearing a sweatband on the other wrist, sometimes a leather wrist cuff, or a bunch of bracelets (the boy kind). It seems to be huge for boys to wear even more accessories now than the girls, even in store ads and on TV.

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