11.5 Miles

Yesterday, Scott had this grand idea to take our family of eight on a bike ride.  This would be no ordinary bike ride.  We have access to a trail, the American Tobacco Trail, on the outskirts of our neighborhood.  This trail goes many places, but Scott’s idea was to take it downtown and end up at one of our favorite Durham hot spots, Mellow Mushroom.  Honestly, I bit my lip a little when I heard this idea as it quickly spread throughout our home.  This would be a huge endeavor.  Scott began getting water bottles and pumping tires.  He was serious.  So, the question came…”Anna, are you coming?”  He must have sensed some hesitation.  I nodded yes and joined the giddy troop swarming on their bikes outside.  We saddled up, telling each other that whenever we needed to turn around and head home, of course we could.  

It was a gorgeous day and the greenery that surrounded the trail was just breathtaking.  Brady and I stayed more toward the back of the pack.  Julian was our fearless leader.

You must know that I am not a biker.  I know how to ride a bike, it is just that I don’t spend time doing so.  I don’t have a real adventurous spirit.  I am working on that though.  It is important to know how to have fun, to let loose and laugh.  In this case (taking this bike ride), it was important to breathe deep, enjoy the breeze, savor the family time, forget the what ifs, sit back and enjoy the ride.

My sweet husband had our foster kids riding in our new bike trailer behind him.  He kept checking on me to make sure I was good.  He had such an amazing attitude.

Our foster little beauties did an amazing job.  Sure, all they had to do was sit, but for a 2 year old and an 18 month old, that can be tough.  There was the occasional swatting, but they’d recover and really rolled with the whole trip.

Brayden and I were cracking up as we rode together.  He is a hoot.  Take a look at that back tire, it changes during our grand adventure.

Madelyn Virginia taking a break for water.

 Scott showing that we had then travelled four miles.  Again, for our family, this was huge.

Me with Mads

Glamorous right?

This was the most exciting point of our bike ride.  If we were in movie, it would be the perfect time you would hear the hallelujah chorus.  We reached a clearing and saw downtown Durham.  We had almost achieved our goal!

Still smiling and so proud.

Here we are crossing the street in front of Mellow Mushroom!

So happy, proud and hungry!

Julian is totally in his element when it comes to being out in nature, riding bikes and being the leader.  I think he was pleasantly surprised that our family made it.

Kalen, with his wide eyes and adventurous spirit, was in heaven.  He is the type of guy that loves a challenge.

The picture within Mellow Mushroom didn’t turn out.  We had a wonderful time eating, laughing and celebrating.  We would not soon forget those moments.

Our trek back home was then under way.

This is Brayden just before his tire blew.  Poor little fella.  He was such a trooper though.  We did make it home.  And the timing was perfect.  A rain storm came just after putting our bikes away.  Whew!

One thought on “11.5 Miles

  1. Daniel Kruidenier says:

    Great trip! I love the bike rides. Glad everyone fared well. Wish we could have been there. That Tobacco Trail sure is nice.

    Miss yall,


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