Our Middle Schooler

Julian started sixth grade last week, and so far so good.  He is attending Lakewood Montessori Middle School.  To find out more about Montessori education click here.

It just seems like yesterday that Julian and I were sitting on our couch reading through a pile of picture books and my belly was round with Madelyn.  My how time flies!

When I tell people that Julian is starting middle school, I get some curious responses.  I have had folks say to me (with Julian present), “There is just nothing good that can come from middle school,” and “Oh, God bless you.  This isn’t going to be fun.”


I remember middle school.  Sure, it is a new and different time in a child’s life.  It can be full of awkwardness and plenty of trial and error.  It can also be exciting.  It presents new chances for independence, responsibility and choice.  With all that we (Scott having a major upper hand after teaching 6th grade for eleven years) know about this time in a child’s life, we are quite hopeful for Julian.

[Side note: In the past few weeks I’ve sent my baby to kindergarten and my firstborn to middle school.  It’s been exciting and hard at the same time.  They are spreading their wings.  This independence is what we want for them, but it can been quite a tug on a mama’s (and daddy’s) heart.]

Julian has such a special place in our family.  He is our firstborn and the older brother.  He is a builder and a nature and science lover and he is crazy about books.  Throughout his eleven years, we have seen him grow in ceaseless ways.  I hope within his new learning environment he will be accepted and celebrated.  There are many things I want for Julian as I see him starting this new chapter of his life: confidence, humility, thoughtfulness, enthusiasm, acceptance, respectfulness, strength, hope, responsibility, happiness, a generous spirit, openness, and diligence.

So far Julian’s favorite things about his middle school experience has been waking up early, getting to ride to school with just his dad, eating lunch at 10:30 am, having a teacher with purple hair (no joke), meeting lots of new friends, sitting anywhere he wants in the cafeteria, and getting the chance to learn to play the cello.


One thought on “Our Middle Schooler

  1. Lesley says:

    So exciting Julian! We hope you continue to love your new school. Alder and Heath go to Montessori school and we absolutely love it and are firm believers in its ability to let a child “learn how to learn” and grow. Aside from homeschooling, I do not know of a better philosophy (though I have not explored much about early childhood ed – I teach college “kids” after all). I know that the more I learn about Montessori, the more I want to try out these strategies in my own classrooms – primarily the idea of active/engaged learning rather than allowing the student to passively sit and hear/obtain the information.

    Can’t wait to see your wonderful family in October.


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