Meet Jasper

We have added a new member to our family.  Our puppy’s name is Jasper.  He is a Pomapoo, a mix of a teacup toy Poodle and a Pomeranian.  If you know my daughter at all, you’ll know that she has been waiting years for this.  Madelyn has been the picture of patience as she has searched the local animal shelter’s webpage and Craigslist daily for our first family pet.  She has checked out countless books, read Because of Winn-Dixie (a sweet novel about a girl and her dog) with her Dad, and written endearing notes to Scott and me about her desire to have a pet.

Saturday we found out about a college student that had this dear little puppy but didn’t have the time to devote to him.  She thought it better if he had an owner that was home more and had more time to give to him.  Scott and Madelyn went over to visit with him and about an hour later I saw them getting out of the car with a little black ball of fur.  I covered my mouth with surprise and started to get tears in my eyes.  The rest of the kids gathered around with gasps and smiles.  What a memorable day it turned out to be.

Jasper is a joy.  He can be super cuddly and scrappy as well.  We are all actively involved in this puppy business.  He is never alone, except at night and for occasional errands.  He is the cutest little ball of fur that we’ve ever seen.

Madelyn is over the moon with Jasper.  The way she nurtures him and anticipates his needs is so beautiful.

Just a cute word about his name.  Jasper is a boy character in The Five Little Peppers, a book that Madelyn and I are reading.

3 thoughts on “Meet Jasper

  1. Daniel Kruidenier says:

    That is one lucky dog.
    Congrats Morrisons and Madelyn especially.
    Madelyn’s been so patient and persistent.
    See yall soon,

    PS-Blue and Jay say they’d really like to meet Jasper someday…

  2. Tanya Morrison says:

    From one Morrison Family to another – Congrats on your little furry addition. We welcomed our puppy, Tucker last September. He has brought a lot of happiness to our home. Enjoy this time of newness with him and seeing your children care for something they’ve desired for a long time. Can’t wait to see the annual Christmas card which I’m sure will include Jasper 🙂

    Cary, Tanya, Caleb and Tucker

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