Taking a Moment

Taking a break and enjoying some good music at Carrboro’s Music Festival this afternoon.  My sweet husband has taken on all six kids and our new puppy for the rest of the afternoon.  I gave him a couple of “are you sure” comments before leaving.  Realizing that he was totally capable and I really needed some time alone, I gathered my things and bolted.

I am sitting at the window at Open Eye, one of our favorite coffee hot spots.  This place is full of live folk music and lots of people.  I sit here at a little two top table with Scott’s laptop full of the urgency to post on this blog, read, think, breathe deep and write.  It is funny, the whole purpose of a mom like me getting out to just relax and enjoy myself is to do just that, relax.  Yet, I feel this need to be super productive and not waste one single minute.  Breathe, Anna, breathe.

Our family has been riding the waves of this season we are in pretty well.  We’ve held on tight through the many transitions that we’ve gone through.  I can’t say our road has been easy.  With the ages and stages of all of our children, life seems so constant, full of good times and challenging ones.

Our charter school kids, Madelyn, Kalen and Brayden just finished up their first quarter.  Their school is a year around school.  They will now have about three weeks off.  It is quite refreshing to be able to take these occasional breaks.  I am excited to have them home with me.  I do miss homeschooling, this break will provide homeschool-like days.

We are still fostering.  Our foster kids (M & S) continue to grow and fall into the rhythm of the our home.  Instead of getting easier, it has gotten increasingly harder.  These two little beauties are very active, mobile, and needy.  They have plenty of us to attend to them and it is a good thing there are so many of us.  They both require services that they receive each week in our home and elsewhere.  It is definitely a full time job carting them to and fro and caring for them.  They are such troopers as they are expected to engage in therapies, doctor checkups, social worker visits, visitations with family members and such.  We take each day as it comes and pray for patience, unconditional love, strength and hope.  We love them and we are thankful that we have and continue to play a part in their story.

Off to read and sip on some yummy freshly brewed white tea.  🙂


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