Orange Mustache

This is my latest indulgence.  Carrot Juice.

There were days that I would labor over making carrot juice with my kids.  It was partly enjoyable.  There would not be a lot of juice to show from it though.  We do still have our juicer and maybe, just maybe, we will venture into juicing again- but for now, I am buying it at Trader Joe’s already made.  🙂

Back in the day, this would be my indulgence…

I gave up soda in college.  Reasons for quitting, you ask?  Maybe I wanted to lose my freshman 15, maybe it was that I began to have so many cavities, or maybe I began to really consider what I was putting in my body.  Whatever made me cut sodas out, I am so thankful now.

If you’ve never tried carrot juice, I highly recommend it.  It is totally revitalizing.  I do think it is an acquired taste.  Keep trying it, your body will love it way more than any soda you put in it.


One thought on “Orange Mustache

  1. Amanda says:

    high five friend!
    if i had a trader joes- id stock up on it too.
    excited for you & julian. admire your courage
    to adapt & do whats best for each child.
    your an amazing mama bear cub.

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