Here are a few pictures of the kids over their school break.  School starts back on Monday.  It has been a long three-week break with lots of time at home, on the soccer fields, fun with neighbors and Jasper (our new puppy), time at Grandma’s house, and such.

Brayden gets a leg in this soccer play.  He is the second orange player from the left.

Just before digging into some delicious vegan (yes, VEGAN) cupcakes.


Madelyn and Brayden created this afternoon tea time that was just adorable in every way.

Madelyn with her Daddy at the soccer fields

One of our boys favorite pastimes is playing Beyblades together.  Beyblades are basically spinning tops.  The cool thing is that you can change and trade the actual pieces that they are made out of.  Just recently Julian even set up a tournament at our local library.


2 thoughts on “Snapshots

  1. Gretchen says:

    I love seeing the pics of your sweet little ones! I would also love to have the recipe for those yummy vegan cupcakes. Love you tons, sweet friend;-)

  2. They should bring the beyblades to the beach. The girls have a few but they love playing with them. We don’t have a good place to use them but I like how you are using the top to the plastic tub. That’s a great idea that we’ll have to try. See you in a few day!

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