An Inspiration, to Say the Least

I am reading a book that was just published this fall by a gal named Katie Davis.  She is from Nashville, TN and now lives in Uganda.  I have been following her story for quite some time.  A friend of mine sent me a link to Katie’s blog over a year ago.  I remember pouring over her blog for what seemed like hours the first time I looked at it.  I could not believe it was real.

Katie is approaching her 23rd birthday this month and all the beauties that surround her in this photo call her Mommy.  Yep, her full time job is a mother to all of these girls!

My sweet husband surprised me with Katie’s new book.  

I can not be reading this book and not share, on my blog, about this amazing woman and what the Lord is doing through her, Amazima (the organization Katie started in 2008 with her parents and friends of Tennessee), and the people of Uganda.

Please watch this short clip.  I know you’ll be inspired as well.  I will post some excerpts from the book soon.

To read more or to give to Katie’s organization check out Amazima’s website.


2 thoughts on “An Inspiration, to Say the Least

  1. Melissa says:

    I have heard of Katie and her work serving the Lord in Uganda, but didn’t know many of the details. I am completely moved and humbled. No words, really. It is a delight to see her operating right where God has called her to be. Thank you for sharing! Melissa

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