The Restaurant

Brayden’s kindergarten class worked super hard to create their own restaurant.  This restaurant would be called The Central Park Guinea Pig Under the Sea Restaurant.  As you can see, the name was chosen carefully by the class.

Brady and his class worked hard for weeks preparing for the day when their families would be invited in for a special meal at the restaurant.  They decorated the room with tables, lights, place cards, napkins with handmade napkin rings, flowers, and tablecloths.  They decided/voted on things that would go on the menu and came up with a plan.  Aileen, Brayden’s teacher, and the entire class executed this whole thing beautifully.

(Sidenote:  This is a great example of something that might go on at a project based school like Central Park)

Scott and I, along with the rest of Brayden’s siblings came to this special event and were waited on by none other than Brayden K. Morrison.  He was an excited and hard working server.  You can check out the menu down below that we were all able to order from.  Super cute!!


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