And a Puppy, Too

Sometimes I wonder what in the world were we thinking to get a puppy in the middle of all we have going on.  Then I remember how Madelyn pined away daily (for two years!) to get a family dog.  I remember the first day he came to us: so tiny, so needy.  I remember the sweet little way he curls up like a cat to sleep.  I think of the way he runs to me and hugs my leg.  I think of the sweet kisses he gives.  I think of the softness of his hair.  I remember all the family trips to the soccer fields, with even a dog in tow.  I think of the way our little one year old will follow him around trying to get him to sit.  I picture him and Brayden chasing each other around the coffee table in the living room.  I hear Madelyn using a voice she would use with a baby to greet him and pet him.  I can almost feel him nestle his nose in my neck and go limp for a little cuddle.

I have never owned a dog.  It is a lot of work and believe me, I do most of it.  However, it is so special to have a little doggie follow you around the house.  It is refreshing to walk him.  He is so content just to be near me (us).  Yes, he chews.  Yes, he still nips from time to time.  Yes, he has accidents in the house, and I am trying to help him be house trained (still).  But, I love him.  I love having a dog.


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