Tree Decorating

We debated whether or not we could put up a tree this year.  With a puppy and a one year old (that is quite curious and potentially destructive) we doubted it could work.  However, after Scott and I talked about our family tradition of getting out our ornaments each year and experiencing that together, we decided we needed to follow through this year somehow.  So, creatively, we put up the tree in our room this year.  Yep, in my bedroom upstairs, in front of our window, is our beloved Christmas tree.

Scott and the kids brought the tree, ornaments and the rest of our Christmas decorations (I think there are like five) down from the attic.  The unveiling of our precious ornaments began.  The kids went from excited to really, really excited.  We let our foster kids take part and add an ornament, then Scott put them to bed.  Julian, Madelyn, Kalen, and Brayden began taking out all our ornaments one by one.  There was a lot of oohing and ahhing.

This picture needs a caption.  Brayden retrieved this ornament out of a bin and said, “Oh, it’s GOD!”  Quickly he was corrected by siblings, “No Brady, that’s Santa Claus!”  With a cute smile Brayden replied, “I mean Santa Claus.”  Laughter followed.

Scott lifting up Madelyn to put the handmade angel on the top of our little tree.  This sweet angel was made when Madelyn was much younger.

Me & Brayden (can you tell he was loving it all?)

Madelyn adding one of her baby ornaments to the tree.

With my favorite ornament, a little bird from my honeymoon trip to Amelia Island, FL.

Mr. Cool, J.J.

Me with Kalen


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