December Birthday Girls

There are two very important people in our lives that have birthdays this month; our foster baby girl and Scott’s mom, Jan.  We celebrated both birthdays this past weekend.

Our little girl just had her 2nd birthday!  We celebrate this little brave girl’s last year of recovery.  She is a light that never ceases to shine.  It is an amazing thing to share a foster child’s birthday with them.  I teared up many times within the last week.  Since last February we have seen this little girl go from a burn victim that could not walk, to a funny little vibrant character that is a walking/talking active member of our family.  Yes, she is still needy.  She and her brother both are full of challenges.  However, we see potential and growth.  We see that the love and attention we have given her and she deserves has helped her to bloom.

Here are some pictures from her last year with us (still can’t show her sweet little face).

She turned 2!

We took her to Build A Bear to get her very own stuffed animal.  Here are Julian and Brayden holding her hands as she is unsure about the whole process.

She loved it!  She is now the proud owner of Happy Joy, a beautiful stuffed bunny.

Delicious vegan cupcakes to celebrate our birthday girls

There was more celebrating to do.  We also celebrated Jan’s birthday with our family.  The picture below shows our family gathering to look at a photo album we put together for Jan.  We had such a nice time.


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