Madelyn’s Band ~ Chemical Reaction

For the month of January, Madelyn has been in band camp.  It has been at her school on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Students that signed up for this band experience were divided into three bands formed by fourth and fifth graders. The counselors in each group were comprised of true musicians, such as Phil from Megafaun.  Phil was Madelyn’s leader these last few weeks.  I respect him so much!  (Sidenote- His wife, Heather, was actually Julian’s fifth grade teacher last year.)

Each band came up with their own lyrics and music for their song.  Madelyn’s group came up with an inspirational pop-like song.  Madelyn chose to play her bells and be a singer in the band.

To end the month long camp, the bands were to perform at FAM (Friday Afternoon Meeting) at their school and the next night at Durham’s famous Motorco Music Hall.  This event at the Motorco, along with a silent auction, would serve as a fundraiser for the arts at Central Park School, The Save Our Arts Benefit.

I couldn’t have been a more proud mama on Friday and Saturday watching Madelyn shine so bright.  She was a picture of confidence and happiness.  Here are a few pictures and clips from the performances.  


I filmed the FAM performance of Shout by Maddie’s band Chemical Reaction.  She is the on the far left in a her daddy’s grey hat.

The following clip was taped by Madelyn’s fifth grade teacher, Aaron, on the night of the benefit.  Maddie is on the right in the back with a purple shirt and bandana on, next to one of her best friends, Chace, on the drums.

3 thoughts on “Madelyn’s Band ~ Chemical Reaction

  1. laurie says:

    Way to go Maddie!! You rocked it! I love the words too….keep beleiving them and you will continue to be amazing!! I know Mama’s proud:-)

  2. Daniel Kruidenier says:

    Wow, Madelyn! What a great performance. Congratulations. I’m inspired by your energy and great bells on stage.
    Can’t wait to see yall at the beach. I’ll bring my guitar if you’ll bring those bells along 🙂

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