Current Stack and Honest Confession

Honest confession here, when our oldest son was tiny I would avoid the public library like the plague.  Yep, I couldn’t stand to think of him in the children’s area surrounded by the germs that were just waiting to pounce on him.  Julian exposed, the horror!  With more children, of course, I loosened up and totally fell in love with the whole system (germs and all) and we became loyal members of our library.  Now, our family makes several trips weekly to our local libraries.  We live in a city with a plethora of them.

Sometimes during my library experience, I feel like I am trying to gather chickens for the coop while searching for wonderful literature.  Someone needs to go potty, someone needs help finding a chapter book, someone is screaming, and oh, I have to now check out 87 books for the Morrison clan.  Hooray for self check out (not a total fan really).  I have some incredibly thoughtful friends that actually look for books online through the library’s filing system to find the books they want before they even step foot into the library.  I am not one of those.  However, I have somehow come to a point where I can manage my library loot and children well enough to even look for books for myself.

Here’s my current stack of inspiring and fun books:


I wanted to share one of our best library helpers, the library elf.  If you don’t know about it or use it, you’ll truly benefit from checking it out and using it.  It has saved us from many a library fines and isn’t a hassle at all!

Happy reading!


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