Liza & Henry

One of the great things about our kids’ project-based charter school is that when kids get an idea and want to go with it, often times they are able to.  Kalen has a friend named Millie in his 2nd grade class.  The two of them came across a couple of characters and a cute dialogue that they thought they might want to act out.  After many days practicing their lines with Millie’s mom and their teacher’s permission, they were able to perform for their class.  Drumroll please….  Introducing the budding actor Kalen, as Henry, and his friend, Millie, as Liza.  Enjoy!

(I apologize if it gets a little shaky, I was shushing and trying to keep our two year old still on my hip!)

3 thoughts on “Liza & Henry

  1. Lynn Zimmermann says:

    That was precious! I remember having a cassette (yes, cassette) tape of these type songs that we played in our car…this was one that still gets stuck in my head.

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