Looking Closer

I was chatting away with my mom on the phone while standing on my back deck and saw what is pictured above literally right under my feet.  I took a second look and giggled to myself.  I almost missed it.  Do you see the cute little face?

There seems to be a flood of needs that surround me each day.   I try to keep my head up as best I can when loving and serving my family.  Often I find myself rushed and stressed with a half a dozen things in the air that I am juggling.  I can think of a day recently when our littlest, who is two, was just being super busy and needed constant supervision.  I was busy as well in the kitchen, and it seemed that she just kept getting under my feet and I couldn’t move without bumping into her.  Of course I tried to let it slide for a bit, but then my need for personal space (wink) nudged me to tell her to go find something to play with.  She continued to stay in the kitchen with me and continued to be super busy.  Heaven sent me a still moment and I was able to take in what she was busy doing.  She was copying me, opening and shutting cabinets, getting out lids, etc.  She loves to be a helper.  She wasn’t just being restless like she often is, she was trying to be like me.  I almost missed it.


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